About Us

Our Journey

The original plan was just to have a homestead raising nutritious food for our own consumption.  However, when our hens and ducks were laying more than we could possibly eat we started selling the excess - we had a great response to the flavor and freshness of our eggs.  Those same customers wanted to purchase some of our livestock (after processing into cuts of course) we were raising for our own freezers.  So we raised a few extras and it was a hit.  Next some major life changes happened and I couldn't give up my livestock so I let it grow working to make it a full fledged viable farm.   Through continuous support from my current customers and every new one success has happened.  So thank you to all who have supported my dream and believe what I do makes a difference. 

Who lives at the farm

There are free ranging chickens, ducks, geese and guinea hens.  They all have a job beyond being very entertaining to watch go about their day.  All provide eggs, most hatch a new batch of offspring each year, some are raised for their delicious meat while others are mostly here for pest control.

Then there are small herd of pigs that till the soil for us and provide us with delicious pork.  Along with the pigs we raise a small group of steers for beef every year. Lastly we have nice size flock of Dorset sheep.

What their diet consists of

All of our livestock live an outdoor grass fed lifestyle as much as mother nature allows.  All are pasture raised during the growing season and in the winter months they have access to hay which most is grown on the farm the rest coming from neighboring farms.  Those that are supplemented with grain, the grain comes from local growers - each farm helps another.  The birds are all on a soy-free diet and have the freedom to forage for bugs and do all the things chickens do.